Christian Nathanael

<p>Christian Laughing</p>
<p>Christian sitting on the floor</p>
<p>Christian\'s first sample of solid food—oatmeal baby cereal</p>
<p>Christian made a mess all over his onesie. It is not mustard.</p>
<p>Christian playing with Bluebear</p>
<p>Christian in the hospital shortly after he was born</p>
<p>Christian laying in the papasan</p>
<p>Christian on the floor</p>
<p>Aaron holding Christian, while Christian looks at him</p>
<p>Christian sleeping in the papasan with his yellow blanket</p>
<p>Christian rolled up in a blanket</p>
<p>Christian on a blanket in the sunshine</p>
<p>Christian—rolled over in his swing</p>