Spring is Springing

Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 10:06 pm by Aaron

Well, spring is almost here, and as usual, I am planning on having a garden.

Last year’s didn’t work out so well. I was so busy working that I didn’t have time to weed, so most of it got overrun. I didn’t get any onions, I only got a few small carrots (the slugs got into them). I didn’t get any broccoli or cauliflower. The cayenne peppers, oregano, sage, rosemary, and thyme didn’t even sprout (that I noticed). I did get some spinach, peas, beans, and squash. The lettuce bolted to seed, and I only got a few tiny radishes. The tomatoes did pretty well, but they froze before they ripened.

I have come to the conclusion that besides not having time to keep it up last year, many of the veggies did poorly because I did not get them started soon enough—especially the tomatoes and lettuce. They probably would have done better had I started them in protected planters too instead of sowing directly into the ground.

Anyway, this year I hope to do a little better, so a week ago I planted several seeds in a tray of pete pellets. Almost all of them have already sprouted, and some of them are already a few inches tall.

I’m also trying my hand at aquaponics this year. Basically it’s growing plants hydroponically using water from a fish tank instead of water that has had plant nutrients artificially added. Bacteria in the tank breaks down the fish waste into chemicals which the plants use as nutrients—functioning as a filter and cleaning them from the water. I have a pump set to pump water from an aquarium to a storage bin which has plants suspended from the lid in such a way that the roots hang into the water. The water then drains back into the aquarium.

I have been transplanting some plants from the pete pellets as their roots become long enough to reach the water. Some have been in the tray for several days, and they are doing fine. So far, I have three pea plants, two tomatoe plants, four lettuce plants, and two spinnach plants. I plan on adding two cayanne pepper plants and a couple of herbs when their roots get big enough to reach the water.

Tray of hydroponic cups suspended over a container of water.

Tray of hydroponically growing plants. Each cup contains perlite and has holes in in through which the plants’ roots hang into nutrient-rich water.

Aquaponics setup consisting of an aquarium and storage bin.

Full aquaponic setup with an aquarium containing eleven fish, a bin where plant’s have roots suuspended in water, and a pump to send water from the aquarium to the plants.

Cup containing a hydroponically grown plant with roots hanging from holes.

Pea plant in a cup. The roots suspend into nutrient-rich aquarium water.

Roots of hydroponically growing peas suspended in water.

Roots inside the bin of nutrient-rich aquarium water. Also, a pipe that drains water back into the aquarium.


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On Monday, April 5th 2010 at 4:00 pm Stephen said:

Wow, this is a fascinating method of growing plants. Good luck with your vegetables this year. Mamie also has a garden, but we haven’t really been taking very good care of it. Recently, we had our first experience paying a gardener to mow our lawn. Between the baby and this being my busy season (I’m in charge of the school play every year), I didn’t have time to mow. We didn’t want another letter from the Homeowners’ Association.

It seems like tomatoes can grow anywhere. We also had zucchini, but we let it stay on the vine too long. Our eggplant didn’t do very well. The sugar snap peas were great. I’m not a big fan of them, but even I thought they tasted pretty good. We tried strawberries, but while the plants did okay, no strawberries grew.

Right now, the only thing growing well is the baby. I’m okay with that.

On Sunday, April 11th 2010 at 4:00 pm Stephen said:

What kind of fish do you have? I don’t see any in the tank.

On Monday, April 12th 2010 at 4:00 pm Aaron Birchler said:

I have five white clouds, three zebra danios, and one chinese algae eater

We just spent a week at my parents house, and I was a little concerned the fish would die while we were away, but they are all fine, and the plants are flourishing. Two of the tomatoes have roots that extend 14 inches below the bottom of their cups, and I think the lettuce is starting to form heads.

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A Effective Teaching Tip

A single of the most helpful classroom management approaches a teacher can use is also the tactic that teachers are most skeptical of.


I’m not sure…

This [url=http://7thgrademath.net/7th-grade-math-tips-on-acing-your-math-exams/ ]printable 7th grade math worksheets [/url] very simple teaching approach has a constructive influence on the student-teacher relationship and considerably reduces classroom management problems and behavior troubles.

Of course, there is far more than a slight connection between the teacher-student relationship and classroom management.

So what is this very simple teaching tip?

Teachers will need to give their students a break…

That’s ideal an actual 2-3 minute break throughout class.

Now many teachers could say that there is no way they can give a two-three minute break in the middle of their 50-minute class when they are already so pressed for time. To those teachers I say, “I am prepared to give a two-minute break to get the other 48 minutes back."

The reality is, if you give a 2-minute break you can get so substantially more out of the rest of class.

Of course, you need to teach this process just like you will have to teach every single procedure (teach the students precisely how a great deal time they have, what they can do and can not do, and exactly what you expect of them when the timer signals that break-time is more than.)

I promise you, if you do this right you will be amazed at the benefits.

I use this teaching approach with my personal 8th grade social studies classes and I can honestly say that when that timer signals that their break is over…you’ve never noticed 14 year-olds get back in their seats and ready to work quicker.

Break-time for students is actually a potent teaching tip!

Nevertheless, like all the teaching tips I suggest, I can not make you attempt it…only you can do that…

Along with teaching middle school social studies complete-time, I also teach a course on classroom management as an adjunct professor at a regional college. Lately, one particular of my college students confided in me that she believed I was absolutely nuts to suggest she give her 7th grade math students a break through class time.

But, she decided to have an open thoughts and gave it a attempt. This is the difference among an helpful teacher and an ineffective teacher. The productive teacher is willing to take dangers.

Needless to say the student was thrilled with the results. She set a timer, gave her students specific directions, and when that timer went off signaling their break was over, these students got correct back in their seats, have been refreshed, and motivated to study.

Providing students a break through class time does not only aide in classroom management, but it also contributes to creating on that important teacher-student connection.

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